Pattern Testers Needed

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Update: I've received so many offers to help test my patterns! Thank you all so much. I'll be contacting testers over the following days. I apologize in advance if I don't get back to you specifically. I've been overwhelmed by the response! Thank you!

I'm so close to being finished my 2016 Pattern Collection. Holy Smokes have I learned a lot over the last few years.

As you may know, I studied fashion design at school and I learned a lot. However, the two things I did not learn was lingerie-making and computerized drafting!!! The lingerie-making I was able to pick up on my own over years of trial and error. The computing side of thing... that has involved a huge learning curve for me. I am still learning every day. I guess the point of my rambling is that no matter how knowledgeable or skilled you are, it's ok to not know everything! It's ok to be a total newbie. We're all newbie's at something. My venture into Digital Pattern Making has been a huge learning experience for me. I still have a lot to learn!

With each pattern collection I feel like I improve so much. Now I want to go back and re-edit all of my old patterns. I really want to thank all of you for your input over the years. I seriously take it all in - the good and the bad - and try to be better with each pattern release. I was super excited to collaborate with another pattern maker on one of my more complex patterns (hint: it has an underwire). I've incorporated a lot of new things in these patterns and really tried to reach outside of my comfort zone!

Right now I'm looking for a few people to test out my new collection of patterns before they are released.

Here is what I'm looking for:
1. Intermediate sewing skill with experience sewing lingerie.
2. Easy access to lingerie sewing supplies - underwire, casings, elastics, etc.
3. Pretty photos of your finished garments that you don't mind me sharing. These don't have to be professional photoshoots, but well lit and tastefully styled.

And Here's what I need know from you:
1. Were there any grammatical /typos/ spelling errors in the pattern instructions or on the pattern itself?
2. Did the patter print and assemble properly?
3. Were you able to follow the instructions to complete the garment?
4. Did you have any major assembly issues?

I'm also looking for a variety of sizes. For reference, you can check out my size chart below. I've added an extra size for my new collection of patterns.

Extra Small
34-35” (86-89cm)
24-25” (61-64cm)
33-34” (84-86cm)
36-37” (91-94cm)
26-27” (66-69cm)
35-36” (89-91cm)
38-39” (96-99cm)
28-29” (71-74cm)
37-38” (94-97cm)
40-41” (101-104cm)
39-40” (99-102cm)
X  Large
42-43” (106-109cm)
32-33” (81-84cm)
41-42” (107-107cm)
XX Large
44-45” (111-115cm)
34-35” (86-89cm)
43-44” (109-112cm)

If this sounds like a task you're up to, please send me an email or comment here. I'll be sending out patterns in the next few days/weeks. I have several patterns that need testing and will give you your choice of style.


  1. Hi Sarah! I'd love to be a pattern tester! I'm a pattern making student and my sewing level is intermediate, but I'm experienced at sewing lingerie (you can check it out on my blog!
    My name is Sofía and my email is :)

  2. Hi! I'd love to pattern test. I'll mention that I'm a 34DD but otherwise I'm between M-L in your pattern chart.

  3. I would like try this... I make my own underwear and I have posted them under @kimmayo on Instagram. I don't fit your size chart I wear a H cup but I can offer free back. Email: krosettedesigns@gmail

  4. I would like try this... I make my own underwear and I have posted them under @kimmayo on Instagram. I don't fit your size chart I wear a H cup but I can offer free back. Email: krosettedesigns@gmail

  5. Hi I'm interested! I've been sewing for 29 years (since I was 5 years old), anything from quilts, clothing, undergarments, upholstery, etc. Would love to help test your patterns in the larger XL sizes. Thank you!

  6. Oh, I'd love to be a pattern tester! I have experience sewing bralettes and panties, but I've never made an underwire bra. According to your chart, I'm an XS on top and waist, and between S and M on bottom.
    My email is euphoria_holic at yahoo dot com (sorry for writing it like this, but now bots hopefully can't find it).

  7. You can just provide a flat image of the garments! That's totally fine!

  8. I would love to be a pattern tester.I tried the link to email you but it would not work so I thought I would post a comment. I love lingerie, to buy it and to sew it, the problem I find is finding my sizes, so I was so excited to see you had my size. I would be an xxlarge by your size chart. I have sewn clothing for myself, my children,and family members for 10 years and I love learning new things. Thanks for your consideration lori whitley

  9. Oooo I'd love to do this! Have just made up three patterns of yours and love all of them, so yes please! Very happy to help! I'm a med-large bottom half on your measurements, although a G cup (UK) so not sure if I could test out your top half stuff...

  10. I would love to pattern test for you in the future. Bummed that I did not read your blog sooner. I have been sewing since I was a child.....many years ago. ;) I have a sewing machine and a serger. Hope you keep me in mind for future testing. Thanks!~Ronda

  11. Looks like I'm late for the party. :( If you still need a tester, I'd love to participate.. I'm XS on top, S on bottom. Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. I'd be happy to help and I have a store full of supplies to use. I'm a L-XL

  13. Hi I don't know if it is too late? Im part of The Pattern Pages, an online resource for sewers. We would love to review a couple of your patterns for our site and also help you with testing the patterns.
    Emily x


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  16. I would love to test your patters. My size would be XXL.


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