Saturday, April 9, 2011

So, I am at work... I can't remember the last time I had a Saturday off! I miss my 9-5!

Ohhh Lulu has been crazy busy lately. I've got a pile of things to get sewing, plus my brain is swimming with new ideas... scallops, rhinestones, slinky silks and laces... The more and more I think of it, the more and more I want to give Ohhh Lulu more of my time. It's such a scary venture, going into business alone, but with hardly any advertising or promotion I am already doing way better than I ever dreamed. I keep thinking, if I were to focus on advertising, production, getting into more stores, I could really do this! Such a scary, exciting thought! My dream coming true...

This morning, while at work, I ordered new clothing labels and some custom printed ribbon, as well as some beaded applique's to make hair pieces for my bridesmaids. My mom stopped by my work this morning and surprised me with a coffee and a my Grandmothers wedding band, which I will cherish!

I had an email about another great blog this morning. If you have a chance, please stop by and have a visit to FemmePetal's blog! In my morning Etsy surfing, I stumbled upon this Ring by DEVINEsweetness :

And I think I'm in love. She also has the cutest coffee cup and croissant bobby pins that would just look too cute in my hair! I am desperatly trying to resist the temption to just buy them right now, since I have recently purchased tickets to see The Vinyl Cafe, and want to buy a serger and a new camera!

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