Wedding Place Cards and Easter x2!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yesterday, after work, Dan and I did some running around to get the materials for place cards for the wedding. I realized just the other day that it is just over 4 months until the wedding and I wanted to start getting some of the crafty things out of the way so I am not stressing out (too much) in the weeks prior to the big day!

I really wanted to somehow incorporate photo-props into the wedding, so we decided for place cards we would make moustaches, beards, and funny lips. So we purchased some felt, dowel, bristol board, and a hot glue gun.

I printed out moustache, beard, glasses, and lips shapes onto some card stock, cut around the shapes, which created my template (Martha Stewart has some templates on her website). I double-sided taped the felt to my sheet of bristol board, traced the templates onto the bristol board and cut out my shapes. I then peeled back parts of the felt from the card stock to hot-glue my sticks between the layers. For the names, we used photo corners from the dollar store, and printed out our guest list. I made a couple up to see how they would look finished and I'm quite happy! We will stick one of these in each glass at the tables so guests can find their seats.

My wedding invitations are printed and ready to be addressed! It's too early to send them, but they are ready to go. I feel so much better having a few more things checked off the list. Next is flower girls dresses, which I am making, and Dan's suit!

Today Dan and I spent Easter with his family in the morning, and my family later in the afternoon. We had two ham dinners and I am so very, very full. I am so lucky to have such wonderful families! It was a fun day filled with chocolate-fuelled children. When I leave from my family gathering, I'm left feeling so grateful, which I think, is a rare, and awesome thing.


  1. Wow, it all looks so fabulous! I have a feeling your wedding is going to be very unique ;o)

  2. it is very much a DIY wedding! I am having so much fun with all the projects, i won't know what to do after it's all over... maybe move onto baby stuff... ??? lol

  3. Your wedding is going to be so fantastic! Hope you post some of those funny pics on here :)

  4. What a fab idea for your place cards! They are just too cute. And the invitations are beautiful.

  5. These are too cute! Place cards are definitely one of the easiest things you can DIY for your wedding... but I definitely think you should also learn to do your own bridal floral bouquets as well. Not only is it fun but it gives you full control over what your flowers end up looking like!


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