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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

After I moved I really got out of the sewing groove... but I feel like I'm back and re-inspired, and am working on a few custom orders and a whole new line! 

 I feel like all of a sudden I have a ton of things to do again.  I just started a 6 session Bikram Yoga Class (that is kicking my butt), I need to do a huge supply order, I've run out of business cards, I'm in the midst of digitizing some patterns so that people can make their own lingerie using my designs, and trying to get a new collection sewn & a photo shoot organized.

It seems that my move has disrupted my sense of organization.  I need to start making lists again, and chipping away each night at a different thing.

But, it's all good, I love being busy and I'm really enjoying the sewing I've been doing lately.  Mostly I've been loving drafting again.  I love to draft. I could spend all day drafting and sewing test garments.  I feel good doing that again.

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