Ohh La La Pin Up Sew Along Pt 2... Cutting your Fabric

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

 Now that you've made the necessary adjustments to your pattern, you can cut your fabric! I am using the same pink satin I used for the contrast on my corset.  It has the slightest amount of stretch to it.

 As I mentioned before, I am cutting my cups on the bias.  The reason I am doing this is I find the cup forms better this way.  You can really stretch the fabric around a pressing ham to get a shape you like.

I am using a knit lining in a light beige colour.  I am cutting my lower cup only.  You can line the entire cup if you like.  I am lining only the lower cup, because it adds a bit of support, and will help me create a quilted effect with the decorative stitching I plan on doing.

I am also using a stretch lace for the centre back and side front panels of the corselet. I've cut these, and the rest of the corselet pieces on the straight of grain.

What fabric did you choose? Are you planning on lining your garment?

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  1. Hello! I Was actually wondering about fabric choice (I won the patterns for this sew along and then totally wiffed on joining in but am going to attempt to sew them now!). I have some lovely vintage cotton I want to use (it's not big enough to make a outer garment like a shirt out of) but don't know if the fabric needs to be stretch or not...


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