Ooh La La Pin-Up Sew-Along Pt. 2... What you will need for your NEW vintage bra.

Monday, March 19, 2012

We are on to part 2, and the more challenging part of our sew along: sewing our Pin Up Bra! 

Anna's pattern comes in two styles, a short bra, and long line bra.  Of the two, the longline bra is the more challenging sew and will require some pattern manipulation which I will walk you through.

But now for the fun stuff, gathering your supplies.  There are so many ways you can finish this garment, so be creative and don't be afraid to try something new.

I am using the same satin I used as an accent on my corset.  I've also gathered up some white stretch lace, which I will use as a contrast, and to give my bra  a little more give, and some nude coloured stretch lining (I chose a knit because I am cutting my cups on the bias).  I am going to edge my bra in cream coloured picot edged lingerie elastic, and I am creating a false band with plush back bra elastic, which I will also use for part of my straps.  I have hook and eye tape for my closure.

If you are sewing the short bra, you will need some kind of bra back closure.  You can use an S-hook, Hook and Eye closure, or a Vintage closure like Anna.  I will be adding adjustable straps to mine, so I've set a side some small o-rings and sliders.  I got these adorable heart slides on Etsy .

If you are for more of a reproduction look, skip the elastic and use some bias binding to finish your edges, and ribbon for straps.  You can also add boning to the side of the cups if you feel you need some extra support.

Are you excited? Nervous? Scared? Already finished?  Do you plan on sewing the short version or the long line version? I like this pattern so much, I think I will sew both!


  1. Is the 38 a full bust measure, or a band measure? For example I am a 38C, would I cut out a 38 and need to add to the cups to make the C?

    1. Sizing on this pattern goes by bust measurement - wrap a measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust. Cut the size closes to this measurement.

      Vintage patterns size funny. I wear a 32DD/34D modern bra, I measure 38" around the bust. I cut the 36 1/2" size, thinking I could up the size of the cup, and keep the band small for my small ribcage. I found this size fit nearly perfectly, with the pattern alteration I made to keep the 2 darts in the long line version.

    2. Thanks! I think I will cut out the largest one and just see what I get. I can take it from there. Thanks!

  2. The bra was too long through the torso but was of good quality. It also appeared to be smaller in size than the brand originally worn. I plan to order wonderbra strapless push up bra

  3. Really late to this party... when you talk about boning, what type of boning do you suggest? Steel boning as in corsets or the type of boning you can purchase by the yard at Joann fabrics (it seems to be used for boning in bodices)?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi tina - Plastic boning is perfectly fine for a project line this.


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