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Sunday, April 15, 2012

 Hurray! Our shutters are up.  They fill up the void of the upper level nicely.  Now, if it would just stay warm enough for me to pain the front porch and get some flower beds started... At least our grass is starting to grow on the front lawn.  I'm starting to see more houses like ours around town, but ours seems to be a little different with the spaced apart windows on the second floor, the beams, and stucco... Ours is also much taller than others I've seen.  There is standing room in our attic, and the ceilings in the upper floor are very high.  It is such an unusual house, I just love it so much!

We live on a busy street so I am a little concerned about putting too much out on my front porch.  Have you ever had thing go missing from the front of your house? We have a huge front porch that one day, I'd love the have a wicker chair and love seat for.... but for now this little bench and shelf will do!

I made 3 16x16 cushions.  One ruffled, one with a bow, and one with our Monogram, which I cut out of fabric, glued onto my cushion, then with embroidery thread, did a running stitch around.  In all, the 3 cushions, including forms, cost $30.  I added long pieces of ribbon to the back to tie them down to my bench so they don't blow away...


  1. The house looks very cute! Nice work on the shutters and bench. When we lived in Tampa, we always had stuff stolen- once someone pulled the a/c unit out of our bedroom window! But in the mountains, we leave lots of things out and about and never have problems.

    1. Wow! That takes guts to take an a/c unit!!!

      I'm really happy with how the house is looking. Can't wait to get some paint on the porch :)

  2. Wow! Amazing what a difference the shutters make - they looks really great! The gambrel roof is one of my favorites: they give the house such personality imo :)
    We never had anything taken from our porch, but I was careful not to put anything out that I was terribly attached too or that couldn't easily be replaced.

  3. Wow, those shutters made a huge difference! Love it!

  4. Love the shutters too!
    We've never had stuff stolen, but neighbours did have their little chairs taken. I've also heard of plants--actual bushes--being dug up.
    You can use plastic zip ties to further secure your pillows to the bench, or attach bells to them so that if they get moved, (and you're home), you'll hear it :)

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