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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pocket full of Posies

A lot of my new pieces are a little more subdued than the original Ohhh Lulu Ruffle Bloomers... but not these pieces.  They are frilly, flirty and girly. I can't help myself.  I wanted to have a better mix of every day and special occasion lingerie in this new collection I've been workingon.


These ribbon-tied panties are made of stretch satin in petal-pink, and chiffon rosette covered mesh.  These would make a great bridal boudoir piece.  Wish I had them for my wedding *whine*

Pretty Petals Knickers

And... more lace.  Lace & Ruffles.  But smaller, more delicate ruffles this time. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty.... I love sewing lingerie, you can add all of those fun, over the top details you wouldn't ordinarily get to wear.
Pretty Petals Bra

Pretty Petals Bra & Panties


  1. When I don't make lingerie or take care about my baby, home, etc., at those blessed moments of laziness in front of my PC I take a GREAT PLEASURE of reading your blog presenting new items and new designs. I think you have a rare talent to combine fabrics, colors and embellishments to make something unbelievably UNIQUE and FEMININE. It seems every item you produce is worthy the time you have spent on it. If I were not a lingerie maker myself I would choose your lingerie to wear. Your wonderful work is INSPIRING! Thank you for sharing! I think you are talented in everything what you do. Good luck with your new collection!

    1. Oh thank you! I truly appreciate it - especially from a fellow designer :)


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