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Saturday, April 28, 2012

 After we moved into our house, we noticed something funny about all of the doors... at some point, all three of them had been broken into. As a result, someone had locked up the (broken) doors tighter than fort knox.  Our beautiful, 1920's front door is split down the centre (I have patched with wood filler for the time being), and has a gigantic deadbolt screwed to it, the other side notched out of our lovely moulding.

Our side entrance, which we use most often was nothing more than an interior door with a bathroom-style lock on it.  Today my dad came in and with the help of my brother and Dan, switched out the side door with this lovely new door, which now allows some nice light to come in to the side entry way, so I will be able to see in there in the mornings.  We still have lots of work to do around there, and I will paint and put up shelves in the near future, but the new door is making a big difference.

This morning, I crawled around in the attic checking out the wiring and insulation.  As you may remember, we had out of date, knob and tube wiring through our basement and main floor which as been switched.  We were afraid we would find the same up stairs.  Luckily, it has been updated, and we can now blow insulation into our walls.  There is absolutely none in there now!  We did learn that behind the wood panelling in our front entry and hallway upstairs, is lathe and plaster... which makes me sad.  We will need to drywall in there eventually, and the plaster will make such a gigantic mess.  I almost wish we had just done it before we moved in in January.  Oh well...

This afternoon my mom and I started digging the gardens in the back yard.  My back is aching from turning up the soil.  It was so packed down and rocky.  I only made it half way through 1 garden before I called it quits.

I am so, incredibly grateful to have such a handy, helpful family.  This house has gone through such a transformation because of them. We have laid new floor, painted, insulated, re-wired, replaced light fixtures, fixed trimmings, jacked up the floors, fixed & added plumbing, scrubbed, cleaned, tiled... Everyone has just been more helpful than I ever could have asked for, and my house just feels so beautiful and full of love.

In closing, here is an adorable picture of Oliver being a ham for the camera... and Dan trying to ignore the both of us! <3


  1. Oh my gah, Oliver is too cute! I'm a pug owner, too-- aren't they the best?

    1. hehe I love my pug so much - they have SO much character! I couldn't imagine life without him!


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