Sunday, April 15, 2012

This has been an awesome weekend, and I'm just getting a few minutes to sit down and relax before I start another busy day.

I was off on Friday, but was starting to come down with my "spring cold." I rested a bit, which I was over-due for, did some drafting, then had an hour and a half long pedicure and had my toes painted a lovely cobalt blue - which I've had 2 strangers comment on!  We picked up a small metal bench for our front porch, and I sewed some cushions for on it in blue plaid, paisley, and matilisse. Pictures will follow... They turned out really nice.

Yesterday our shutters arrived... unfortunately our drill will only survive through 2 shutters, then dies... so we have 2 more to install today.  Pictures of this will also follow shortly... The house looks amazing.  We no longer have the most run down house on the block!

In the morning I did some sewing for a friends Baby, who will be making his arrival into the world soon, and dropped it off at her parents house.  I hope she likes what I made. I love sewing for babies.

I had planned on sewing yesterday, but I received a tweet from our local News Paper asking if I'd like to be interviewed for an upcoming article, which of course I said YES to! So I had to go home and clean my incredibly messy house.  When I go on a sewing spree, I have a hard time stopping to always fold up my fabric and put my scraps away... and bra's, socks, hot yoga towels had migrated throughout the house. So, I pretty much spent the entire day cleaning, but it feels nice to have a clean work space again, and clean clothes as well...

Wish me luck!

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