Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Joan Polka Dot Bias Cut Camisole
Why bias cut?  All sewists will know how beautifully bias cut fabric drapes, but if you're not a sewist you might not be familiar with the beautiful hand of bias-cut satin.  When you cut fabric so that the threads run diagonally along the garment, it creates the most beautiful, fluid drape and adds a considerable amount of stretch to form around your body.  Lately, I've been wearing hardly anything other than bias cut camisoles under cardigans and blazers.  They are so... effortless and glam.

Joan Super High Waist Knickers

 Phew.... so as you can see I've been a busy little lady.  But, I finally feel like I've really accomplished something.  I am so, so happy with how everything turned out. I have so many other ideas flying around in my head, I can't sew fast enough to get them all out!

3 for $60


  1. Those creations are wonderful, I especially love your bias cut camisole :)

  2. I love your lingerie! I hope you are making a pattern for the panties with the center panel - so cute, and your ideas are so inspirational. I am just getting back to sewing, having been out of touch for 10 years - my degree was in Clothing & Textiles in Business, so had lots of sewing classes, and I've made about everything. Finding fabric will be my downfall; for instance, I love the stretch lace in some of your panties. Do you know of an online source? Phoenix AZ is the absolute worst with no fabric stores (other than the "craft" fabric nothingness...).

    Best to you!

    1. I like for buying online - the fabric is reasonably priced and they seem to have a decent selection of knits. I am very lucky to have a GREAT local fabric store here in my small town.

  3. Oh my god, I can't believe how amazing these look! So beautiful and so well make! XxxX


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