Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Amethyst Smoke Bra & Panties Set
I've been on a major Satin Kick ever since I made this custom set for one of my most favorite customers.  I am especially loving top stitching satin.  It has such a retro feel.  This set can be made in nearly any colour  possible.

Amethyst Smoke Bra

Amethyst Smoke Knickers

Not all of the bras are lined, but this one is. It adds some support for larger busts.  I wear a D cup, and I find this quite comfortable.  There are no wires or padding, so don't expect the girls to be up around your chin, like when you wear a Victoria's Secret Bra.  You get a much more natural look.. but it is comfortable, and in my opinion, natural is much more sexy than the unnatural shape a VS or La Senza bra gives.  Those bras have their place, but if you are looking for a more natural silhouette, or something comfortable enough to sleep in, this might just be for you!


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