New Treasure! Singer 99

Friday, April 6, 2012

Believe it or not, my sister in law found this in the garbage.  Someone had just decided to throw it out with the trash.  The lever, and all of the parts (including spare needles and bobbins) were just sitting inside the box (which was locked and had to be picked open.

After doing a bit of research, and looking up the Serial Number, I've found that this is a pretty common machine, a Singer 99 Made in 1928.  This one is fully electric,  but has a knee lever as opposed to a foot pedal, something that I personally have not seen before.  It took some tinkering, but Dan and I got it up and running.  I gave it a good oiling and cleaned out the dust, but other than that, it is in remarkably good order for an 84 year old sewing machine. 

See it in action! Purrs like a kitten... an 80 year old kitten...

Possibly the coolest thing is all of the attachments.  There is a rolled hem foot, zipper foot, and a bunch of other crazy attachments that I'm not really sure what they do. Luckily, it is pretty easy to get information about these kinds of machines.  Neat, huh?


  1. Who throws something like that out?!? I'm glad you rescued it!

  2. Great find! Perfect for you to sew your leather corset ensemble :)I love these old straight stitchers- do one thing and do it well :)

  3. What an amazing find! I can't understand people who throw perfectly good and usable stuff in the trash :( Glad your sister in law salvaged it!

  4. Oh my god why would anyone throw this out!?!? It's absolutely gorgeous, I'd adore one of these! Enjoy it! XxxX

  5. I always cringe when I think of the machines that were never rescued and reside in some's so sad! I have a 1930s era Singer 221 (featherweight) and it sews like a dream too. And it's so cute! Small but mighty.


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